Today 08.09.2018 Bitcoin Prices down 6132 USD (Bittrex Exchange) Technical Analysis showing if Bitcoin Prices cuntinue down from 6000 - 6150 USD and broke 5800 USD so can start a new Bearish season. This time be very important for Bitcoin.
        After these days we will see where will go price. We are thinking if SEC accept EFT on 30 September market will go possitive with all Cryptocurrencies and the price of bitcoin will show a considerable increase. we can thinking next 8000 USD after this stuation.
BUY: 5900 - 6150
TARGET: 7150 - 7250
STOP LOSS: 5550 - 5650
        Here All information not for do Investting. We are giving only technical analysis with technical indicators. All cryptocurrencies market prices can change with market news and others. Please do a very good market research before do investing to cryptocurrencies.