Powered by Sinerji Portfoy 
          Altcoinsynergy.com powered by Sinerji Portfoy. Sinerji Portfoy's duties be management portfolios of special customers on Turkish stocks, at the same time doing technical analiyzes of all Stocks and all Crypto Currencies. You can follow our TRADINGVIEW profile for folow our Analyzes

Step by Step...
1-) Firstly contact with this number on Whatsapp: +905422097278
2-) You can pay with crypto currencies. Which Crypto ?
3-) There are two types of membership a) Monthly b) Yearly
4-) After payment you need send crypto currencies transsaction screenshoot This is to confirm whether the payment is yours and will be kept in a member files.
Membership Opportunities;
1-) Seeing technical analyzes early before share on tradingview, twitter, instagram  accouns.
2-) Premium members will see our technical analysis sharing on Whatsapp Group. If your cauntry does not permit use Whatsapp so write us about this. For find alternative social area. 
3-) if there are stocks or crypto you are considering you can ask. We will check if it is suitable for investment with technical analysis looking and write you. ( These stocks and crypto currencies need appear on Tradingview website)
4-) We do not give BUY or SELL anytime. Here not be manipulation area. So please do not waiting PUMP or DUMP from us. Our target: Our followers make profits in the middle terms.
İmportant Info: All followers need folow their portfolio if they buy crypto currencies after our sharing. Which point take profit or put stop loss line. All control on you. We are doing technical analysis and try find POSITIVE TECHNICAL INDICATORS on the crypro currencies for giving an idea for  future moving of crypto currencies. And we want say this Crypto Currencies markets are very dengirous and much volatility. Some time you can take profit %30 some times %-50 if you can stay very silent and patience after see %-50 so ok can do invest. But MUCH RISK
We prefer %20 Crypto Currencies %80 Stocks 

Altcoinsynergy is support NewYorkCoin NYC if you can pay with NYCoin will be discount %25