Firstly Thank You Very Much for interesting about us

Our experiance about Turkish Stocks Exchange BIST100 Borsa Istanbul. We have been trading in the stocks market since 2005
We are giving Personal Portfolio Management Service for our customers. Our mission is to make best evaluation of our customers portfolio with High Profit and Low Risk 
This website part of Sinerji Portföy Yatırım Danışmanlığı (Synergy Portfolio Investment Consultansy)
we wanted to be included in the Blockchain system and prepared this site for investors who want to invest in the crypto currencies and Turkish stocks (Bist100 Borsa Istanbul Stocks Exchange)
Investing to ASNG FUNDS
Minimum Investment Time   : 1 Years

Enter and Out Cost                   : %5  for 1 Year Investment 
Investing Wallet                        : Paper Wallet it is security and for long time periodic investment. NO EXCHANGE
Investing Kind                            : Keeping the portfolio within the specified time minimum 1 years
Portfolio Time Finished           : All Portolio will send to investor crypto currency wallet.

All Cost need send to our Crypto Currencies Wallet before send your Cryptocurrencies to Your Investment Paper Wallets.
We are taking Enter & Out Cost early because not possible after share your Private Keys of your Paper Wallet  when you want
Investing to Turkish Stocks Exchange (Borsa Istanbul)
Minimum Investment Time   : 1 Years

Cost                                                         : Starting %1.18 Monthly  (Cost is dowing with high value. Contact with us) Yearly performance commission: If yearly profit much than cauntry inflation, commission will be %10 from yearly profit quantity. not from total portfolio
Investing Strategy                               : Buying and Selling on the market with Broker Platform. Personal Management of Portfolio
Out of Early from Portfolio Cost      : %3 of portfolio
Money Transfer                                   : Crypto Currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum...) and SWIFT, IBAN (USD or EURO)
Investing Currency                             : Turkish Liras TRY
Minimum Investing                            : Kindly Contact with Us