The development team has introduced their next generation bitcoin blender in an effort aimed at disrupting the quickening pace of blockchain analysis firms such as Chainalysis. The reason behind the move is simple: cryptocurrency is not anonymous but it pretends to be, and the charade is harming investors who unwittingly have their digital assets stolen from them by cybercriminals.

Protecting digital assets is in first place

        Protecting your digital assets on the blockchain is not as simple as creating a strong password for exchange accounts, or hiding your private keys out of sight. Protecting digital assets starts at making sure that no one is able to know who you are in the first place. Once cybercriminals and government agencies powered by blockchain analysis tools are able to verify your habits, connections, and transactions as part of a generated user profile, you can rest assured that your funds will either be marked for taxation or stolen in a hack. If you’re wondering how true such an outcome is,  you don’t have to look far to find several instances of high-profile cryptocurrency figures becoming targets for hackers.


        How exactly does go about making sure their reliable bitcoin blender is able to keep your assets shielded and safe? Through the introduction of a litany of new features beginning with the introduction of a three-tier pool system, which allows users to choose the level of blockchain analysis resistance, they desire. The Alpha, Beta, and Gamma pools are anonymous and they offer users the option of upgrading their blockchain resistant status.

        The Gamma pool, in particular, is funded by private reserves and investors’ coins. Gamma pool funds have been rigorously checked for the cleanliness of the coins contained within, and, because of this, any coins mixed through the Gamma pool are completely resistant to blockchain analysis now and forever. The net effect is the highest level of anonymity for investors looking to ensure that no one is able to pry into their wallet and subject them to undue taxes or steal their hard-earned digital assets.



        The bitcoin blender processes orders within 24 hours and destroys all records associated with the transaction after it’s completed. A Letter of Guarantee issued for every order provides further peace of mind to clients using the service, and a mixing strength meter ensures that every user knows exactly how well they’ve followed the instructions to use the service.

You can find out more by visiting the BestMixer.IO website and Bitcointalk thread.